We believe in being the change you want to see… and we want to see more independent, responsible brands.
Everything we make, share & communicate is founded on quality.

Information, Honesty & Integrity

We understand our responsibility as an Alcohol brand, these are some of the issues we aim to confront from the start:

Healthy Alcohol Consumption
We use our packaging & social media to share up-to-date health information & warnings relating to alcohol consumption, such as: recommended units & what this looks like, correcting common mis-conceptions & helpful statistics from reputable sources.

Ethical Practice
We never direct our content or communication towards anyone struggling with mental health problems, general health issues, drug or alcohol addiction or those under the age of 18. We are conscientious in the way we talk about alcohol and always encourage responsible drinking within
healthy limits.


Supporting Local Businesses
Our product is distilled, designed, printed and packaged in the UK.
We work closely with other independent UK companies to achieve the best possible quality while also supporting local business & communities. 

Gender, Race or Background – this is a cause we support and continue to fight for in any way we can.

“Quality over Quantity - Drinking trends have changed. More people are drinking, but, on average, they are drinking less. People are choosing quality over quantity. We are that quality.”

Environmental Impact

We believe that change starts at the smallest level, so that we can adapt as we grow, keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible.

The distilling process uses a lot of energy which we are unable to offset at the moment. However, as we grow, we’ll continue to look into using renewable energy sources, and utilising our organic waste.

Closing the loop - Reduce, Re-use and Recycle…

Our glass is heavy and robust for longevity, and being square, there's less wasted space in transport, it’s reusable and recyclable.

Our labels & gift box are made from 100% PCW* paper.

Our wax seal is a composite of glue & wax, not plastic, which, although not widely recyclable, it’s ecologically preferable to a
plastic closure to ensure the bottle is tamper-proof.

Our stopper is made from natural, biodegradable materials - cork & wood rather than plastic.

*Post Consumer Waste or ‘PCW’ is from your household recycling, where most 'recycled' materials are from industrial waste. Our paper, specifically, is made from recycled coffee cups, in the UK.

We also re-purpose any waste paper or materials we can from the print works and diligently recycle everything else.