‘Long Serve’ with Bay / Signature Serve (neat) & Sparkling Serve.

The Signature Serve

Like fine Wine, EX LIBRIS evolves with every pour and every serve…

Discover EX LIBRIS and savour the delicately balanced botanicals served neat in a short glass, ice optional.

Units / Standard 1 x 25ml Measure = 1
Low risk recommended Units/Week =

The Long Serve

For a longer drink, use a double measure (2 x 25ml)
of EX LIBRIS adding just a little tonic, ice and
a few bayleaves to serve.

The Sparkling Serve

Bring the glittering glamour of the 1920s to the party, pour 125ml of Prosecco with a double measure (2 x 25ml of EX LIBRIS. Put a sugar cube on a teaspoon & add a few drops of quality bitters - place in the bottom of the glass & watch as it slowly effervesces.

Units / 50ml EX LIBRIS + 125ml 12% ABV Prosecco = 3.5